First United Methodist Church 

of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

About Us

We are First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge.

We've been active in the Baton Rouge for over 150 years. We are families and individuals who love God, and want to share that love with everyone we meet. Our vision statement even says that: Transforming lives by engaging our members to celebrate and share God's love in Jesus Christ.

Feel free to visit our website, and take a look at all the things our members are engaged in.

We've done this before.

Living in South Louisiana is a beautiful thing. We've got snowballs in the summer, football in the fall, and almost no snow in the winter. However, our springs and summers bring many storms; whether it's a summer shower, or a full blown hurricane, we've weathered these storms together.

After Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita ravished the Gulf Coast in 2005, our church created Project NOAH (New Orleans Area Hope). This summer program was created to bring youth groups from around the country to Slidell and Covington (north, and northwest of New Orleans, respectively) to work on homes that were flooded during the storm. The volunteer groups in Slidell were even living in a church that had 5 feet of water in it (don't worry, it was cleaned before any volunteers showed up!) Our church organized everything; from recruiting volunteers, training construction staff members, and even hosting fun activities for the volunteers to participate in during their evening down-time. Project NOAH helped hundreds of people get back into their homes, and restart after these storms.

When Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike pummeled the Gulf Coast in 2008, our church turned our attention to Houma, a small town 60 miles west of New Orleans. We created the Terrebonne Area Restoration Project (TARP). By now, we had refined our system and knew exactly what our volunteers would need during the week.

In May 2013, our congregation began a process to develop a more focused vision of our future together as a church. From this process, we identified 5 Vision Initiatives. One of these initiatives is Revive225, a home repair ministry focusing on our neighbors, homes within 3-miles of our downtown campus. We had just finished our second summer of volunteers, and had packed everything away, when the storms on August 12-14, 2016 hit.